ks to support the actions of the government and it is a guarantee for Haiti's sovereignty." "It is the first time we can have clear data on the amount of money that the internatio.

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ppy now. " Jessica Maxwell, whose 8-year-old son was playing at the fountain, told Xinhua. Meanwhile, New York City has opened more than 400 public cooling centers, including libr.

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me Saturday when a large tree limb hit him, an emergency official in the county said. Paramedics were called to the scene, but the man was already dead. The official said more deta.

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tes for candidate Rick Santorum may end up coming from a surprising group. That would be Michigan Democrats, who see a Mitt Romney loss as a huge victory for their own party and t.

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ravel to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia from Jan. 14 to Jan. 19. The top U.S. diplomat told the gathering of some 150 people that the trip will be her fourth to the A.

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of presidential elections. Related: Haiti reconstruction needs new way of thinking BEIJING, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- The international community has quickly risen to the rescue and reco .

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ood ties between the two countries "like the ones we have with Peru and other friendly countries." Ecuador accused Santos of having ordered a bombing raid in 2008 against a camp of.

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President Barack Obama and British Prime Minster David Cameron on Saturday placed a bet of beer on the outcome of the football match later in the day between U.S. and England na.

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e of visa can apply for permanent U.S. residency if they can continue to attract at least a million dollars or earn at least a million dollars in revenue. Since the economic crisi.

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