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ncy personnel said indications are all miners are still alive, Cali's Mayor Jorge Ospina told local press. "Relief agencies are removing material, propping up the mine and fortun

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e said the administration "concludes that the DPRK does not meet the statutory criteria to again be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism." The DPRK was added to the U.S. bla

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tatives of the European Parliament as well as of national and international research institutions and universities, exchanged views in three panels on socio-political economic, sc

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reat public interest to five other federal courthouses," wrote Justice Stephen G. Breyer. "The majority's action today is unusual. It grants a stay in order ... to intervene in a

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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agement. No oil has leaked into the Gulf of Mexico since July 15, when BP placed a tight-fitting cap over the broken well, which has spewed an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil

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or Marcos Timerman, at a press conference here. Timerman will replace outgoing G77 Chairman Abdullah M. Alsaidi, ambassador of Yemen to the UN, whose one-year term expired in Decem

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sit made by a Western European president to the island in more than 55 years and the first since December when U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announc

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n July, both amid corruption allegations. Her long-serving Defense Minister Nelson Jobim was fired earlier this month after publicly criticizing other senior officials. The departu

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, while in Raglan, Harper announced extra 720,000 Canadian dollars in support to an innovative clean energy wind project. STRENUOUS EXPEDITION The North is just beginning to benefi

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linao MANILA, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Reports about the alleged dumping of hazardous wastes last month from U.S. Navy ships off Subic Bay, in northern Philippine province of Zambales,

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

will see whether nations with nuclear weapons will fulfill their NPT obligations to move toward nuclear disarmament .. . whether nations without nuclear weapons will fulfill the

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