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on independence for the southern part of Africa's largest country was held in January, and nearly 99 percent of the voters chose secession, paving the way for the south's indepen


plicated machine but with only one's body and sensations -- a dream everybody had at least once. Jetman made it real. The world's first Jetman Yves Rossy celebrated the 50th anniv.


ere killed in the blast which took place about 2:00 p.m. Monday. A utility worker who went missing after the blast was found dead Monday night, officials said. At least seven of the.


elt condolences to the Japanese people," the prime minister said in a statement. Harper said the diplomats at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo are working with Japanese authorities t.


alians miners trapped in 2006, on Wednesday warned the operation to free 33 trapped miners in Chile is just the start of a difficult emotional journey. After more than 69 days trap.

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d Enrique Santos Calderon, the president's brother. Representing the FARC were a military commander known as " Mauricio, The Doctor," and rebel leaders Rodrigo Granda, Marcos Caba.

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t on the journey to Antarctica because of its unique location. According to the president, who had arrived in Antarctica to visit Chile's base in King George Island last Friday, t.

Canadian soldiers and civilians serving in Afghanistan the "best of luck in the completion of their mission," saying they are away from their families and friends at this time o.

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