a have no diplomatic ties and are bogged down in a long-time row over the killings of Armenians during the World War I, which Armenia brands as a genocide. Turkey strongly denies.

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tment of Public Health and Environment has issued a health risk warning, saying smoke from wildfires can induce asthma and worsen chronic heart and lung diseases. Residents are adv.

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replacement comes as the London-based company looks to recover its position in the United States after the oil spill incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Dudley,?director of BP's oil s.

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ts and civil associations, the majority of which have little weight in the society and the political arena. The source further said that President Bouteflika is likely to set up a .

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s in any capital city in the world," he added. Haiti's Communication Ministry questioned Britain's Foreign Affairs Office for not considering the Geneva Declaration on Armed Viole.

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or a review of all existing city contracts with Arizona-based companies to see which can be terminated immediately. It also directed the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance that .

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U.S. Treasury Department refused to allow the renewal of the Cuban-French business license in accordance with a 1998 law prohibiting the renewal of Cuban trademarks associated w.

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urday, 12 victims from all sides in the Colombian conflict addressed peace negotiators in Havana, marking the first time that victims have been given an official voice in peace t.

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their benefits approved Wednesday by the National Assembly. The riot on Thursday killed at least three people and injured 190 more in the country. The airport in Guayaquil reopened .

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